Manufacturing of HORIBE “Block Build Production Method”

The limitless potential of proprietary customize production method

The “block build product method” developed by our company is a customized production method that provides customers to the most suitable machine by combining various base units with different applications and sizes. The base unit always has a lineup year by year also can produce 3 million machine and has a limitless potential. The precision and high quality of each unit enables this unique production method.

Base Unit Specification(Size)
Spindle Ø60,Ø70,Ø90,Ø120,Ø150,Ø180,Ø200,
Slide 190w,225w,275w,325w,475w
Turret Gang,V-2,V-4,V-6,V-8,V-10,V-12
Milling turret BT-40 V-8D,V-12D
Milling turret BT-30 V-8S,V-12S
Tailstock T-80,BT-90,BT-120
Others Gantry loader, Automatic measuring device, Chip conveyor etc.