Our unique machine tools sre created from a fusion between the ideas and needs at users' production sites and our Company's problem-solving capacity (solutions) making use of technology and know-how accumulated over the years.
In order to fulfil the advanced specifications required by our customers - for example speed, advanced functionality and complexity, mechanical stiffness, and low environmental burden - and produce capabilities that are both diverse and original, we constantly and actively seek to make innovations not only in design and development technology, but also manufacturing technology.
Through the development of even more advanced machine tools, we will achieve our missoin and meet our responsibilities to support our customers in their production processes and contribute to society.

Company Data

Main 2-11 Mataho-cho, Nishi-ku, Nagoya, Japan 451-0014
Tel TEL +81-52-521-2346
Fax FAX +81-52-531-7246
Establishment Nov. 21,1938
Capital ¥50,000,000
Employees 100
Undertaking Machine Tool Manufacturing and Sales
Bank Mitsubishi UFJ Bank, Nagoya Bank, Ogaki Kyoritsu Bank
President Kengo Horibe
Director Takashi Ando
Director Daisuke Murata
Director Yosuke Murata
Auditor Seiichirou Nonaka
General Manager Yasuhiro Ishiguro
General Manager Tsutomu Ito
General Manager Takuya Miyashita
Site Headquarters: 5,671.6㎡
Bulding Office 689.66㎡
Factory 4,460.6㎡

Horibe Machinery Co., Ltd. is a member of the Murata Machinery



November, 1938 HORIBE is founded independently from OKUMA MACHINERY WORKS,LTD.
December, 1949 Establish Horibe Machinery Works of capital 800,000 yen Co., Ltd.
December, 1950 Build more assembly plants and found a casting factory.
December, 1959 Start the production sale of the general-purpose lathe.
May, 1961 Complete development the oil pressure single ability machine.
November, 1962 It commends it than Secretary of Small and Medium Enterprise Agency as a rationalization excellence factory.
January, 1964 I increase the capital to capital 12,800,000 yen.
January, 1968 Increase the capital to capital 25,600,000 yen.
October, 1968 It is enlargement of a building and renovation at a machine shop and an assembly plant.
January, 1970 Increase the capital to capital 34,800,000 yen.
May, 1971 Kenji Horibe takes office as the president.
November, 1978 The establishment of a business 40th anniversary.
May, 1983 It produces various NC lathes in earnest and begins to sell it.
November, 1988 The establishment of a business 50th anniversary.
September, 1989 The new company building completion.
June, 1991 Each factory reconstruction completion.
January, 1998 Kengo Horibe takes office as the new president.
November, 1998 The establishment of a business 60th anniversary.
November, 2000 Established subsidiary HORIBE U.S.A. INC. in Kentucky, USA.
March, 2005 ISO14001 Certified.
September, 2007 I increase the capital to 50 million yen with capital.
November, 2008 The establishment of a business 70th anniversary.
April, 2011 Construction to expand and renovate sheet metal factory.
December, 2013 Renovation of unit factory, measurement room and cafeteria.
August, 2014 Maintenance support agreement with SAMON WORKS Co.,Ltd. (Thailand)
December, 2014 Changed company name to HORIBE MACHINERY CO.,LTD.
October, 2018 Transfer of all stock to Murata Machinery, Ltd., and membership in the Murata Machinery Group.
Detailed information is available here.
November, 2018 The establishment of a business 80th anniversary.

Access Map

[ Arriving by train ]
8-minute walk from the subway Tsurumai "Shonaitori" station

[ Arriving by car ]
Tomei Expressway "Nagoya IC" via, Tomei Osaka about 10 minutes from the motorway "Kusunoki IC"
About 10 minutes from Nagoya Expressway "Kurokawa" exit