Environmental policy

Environmental Philosophy

Horibe Machinery Co., Ltd as a manufacturer of metal processing machinery and metal products, has positioned environmental protection as one of the most important issues in business management, and the development and provision of technologies and products that are friendly to the environment conservation in all aspects of business activities We will strive to, we aim to be a company that is trusted by society.

Environmental policy

At the head office and factory, to establish an environmental management, and activities along the Code of Conduct of the following, we will promote harmony with the environment.

  1. Business activities and products accurately the impact on the environment, a technical and economic feasible range, and strive for continuous improvement of the environment, we will work as a priority matter in the following items.
    • Development and provision of environmentally friendly products
    • Reduction of waste and effective use
    • Promotion of resource and energy conservation
  2. Environmental laws and regulations, agreements, I will adhere to the other agreements.
  3. We set environmental objectives / targets for achieving this environmental policy, act systematically, while at same time carry out periodic review and make efforts to continuously improve the environmental management system and prevent environmental pollution.
  4. All employees and members configuration understand this environmental policy, so that it can be done the business along with this policy, and promote the education and training.
  5. This environmental policy, you can also published to the outside, depending on the request.


We have established a mechanism for continuously preventing or reducing environmental impact arising from any of our products or services, as our contribution to society.

Scope of Application

  1. Organizations and business activities
    According to the business of design, manufacture and sale of various work machinery of HORIBE MACHINERY CO., LTD. and organization chart 4.4.1 of its staff and members (employees of affiliated companies who are stationed in the Company).

  2. Site
    Location: HORIBE MACHINERY CO., LTD which is mainly located at 2-11, Mataho-Cho, Nishi-Ku, Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture