Milling NC Machines

Multi-function Centering Machine NX2(NX4)-M8D/CM

  • Chucking

    Centripetal vice chuck R/L

  • Rotatry tool specification turret

    R-V8 special turret (BT-40, 2-face constraint), L-V8 special turret (BT-40, 2-face constraint)

  • Spindle motor

    AC servo α6

  • Index motor

    AC servo α3

  • Application

    Chucking vice shuttle type, Various auto loader systems, Chip conveyors, and more

Cam Milling Special Machine NX3-M/CP

  • Spindle

    Center reference chuck―50r.p.m

  • Tooling

    Milling unit 150r.p.m

  • Work rest

    3-point centripetal

  • Application

    Chip conveyors, and more

Camshaft Milling & Turning Machine NX3-SP6/CP

  • Spindle

    Center reference 3-jaw chuck 10―1,500r.p.m

  • Tooling

    V6 turret, Milling unit

  • Tailstock

    Built-in type

  • Application

    Chip conveyors, and more

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